Catherine Maxwell

Personal data
Catherine Maxwell

Died April 15, 1763

Daughter of William Maxwell (1703-1760), 2nd of Springkell, and Catherine Douglas (d. 1761), dau of William Douglas, 2nd of Kelhead. Sister of William Maxwell, 3rd of Springkell.

According to Sir William Musgrave, she died on April 15, 1763.1

She never married.

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Life with Boswell

Boswell met Catherine Maxwell at Springkell, where he stayed from October 7 to October 13, 1762. He described her as "an honest-hearted, merry, jocular girl, of size somewhat corpulent but has a very agreeable countenance and can walk and dance with all imaginable cleverness. She plays with taste upon the guitar, which she chiefly employs in accompanying her voice with a thorough-bas. Indeed her singing is so excellent that I should wish to reward her with due praise in this my journal, but that I own is difficult to do."