Catharina Johanna Mossel - Madame d'Amerongen

Personal data
Born 1741
at Negapatnam in Dutch Coromandel (present day Tamil Nadu, India)

Died August 06, 1795
at Antwerpen
Madame d'Amerongen

Born in the Dutch East Indies, daughter of Jacob Mossel (d. 1761) and Adriana Appels (d. 1743).1 Married (1759?) to Gerard Maximiliaan Taets van Amerongen (1727-1788).

  • 1. The later Madame d'Amerongen was apparently the second daughter of Jacob and Adriana named Catharina Johanna. The first one died aged 3 sometime before 1741.
Life with Boswell

Madame Geelvinck probably introduced Boswell and Madame Amerongen to each other on February 7, 1764.