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Personal data
Anne Erskine
Born February 18, 1735
Died March 18, 1802

Daughter of Alexander Erskine (d. 1756), 5th Earl of Kellie, and Janet Pitcairn (d. 1775). Sister of Andrew, Elizabeth, Jenny, Archibald and Thomas Alexander Erskine. She died unmarried in 1802.

Life with Boswell

Especially in his 20s, Boswell was a close friend of Anne's brother, Andrew, and he became a close friend of the much of the Erskine family. On October 30, 1762, he described Anne as having "an elegance of form, a sweetness of manners, and a good share of wit". She arrived in London with her sister Elizabeth, brother Andrew and Jean Dempster on December 1, 1762, a few weeks after Boswell's own arrival there, and stayed in London with her sister for several months in 1762-3.