Andrew Pringle - Lord Alemoor

Personal data

Died January 14, 1776
at his villa in Hawkhill near Edinburgh
Lord Alemoor

Andrew Pringle was the oldest son of the distinguished lawyer, politician and member of the court of session John Pringle, Lord Haining.1 He was admitted advocate in 1740, and in 1750 was appointed sheriff of Wigtownshire and, the year after, of Selkirkshire. In 1755 he was appointed solicitor-general for Scotland, and in 1759 was raised to the bench as Lord Alemoor.

As an advocate, and later a judge, he was greatly distinguished for his scholarship and eloquence.

He never married and died at his villa in Hawkill, which was then a bit outside of Edinburgh. Present day Alemoor Crescent and Alemoor Park in Hawkhill are named after him.

  • 1. Not to be confused with Boswell's friend, Sir John Pringle, the physician, who was only distantly related to this line of Pringles.
Life with Boswell

Boswell noted walking with Sir Adam Fergusson and William Nairne to see Lord Alemoor (Andrew Pringle) on February 14, 1767.