Andrei Shuvalov - Chamberlain to Catherine II the Great

Personal data
Born June 23, 1743
Died April 24, 1789

Titular chamberlain to Catherine II of Russia, and a favourite of hers since his 19th year. Son of Count Peter Shuvalov (1711-1762)1 and Mavra Shepeleva (1708-1759). Married (1762) to Ekaterina Saltykova (1743-1816). 

Later sources have named Shuvalov as the likely author of a great part of Catherine II's letters.

  • 1Sometime Field Marshal and Minister of Defence of Russia. In 1760 he founded the city of Izhevsk as a private venture, which passed to the crown following his death just two years later.
Life with Boswell

Boswell met Shuvalov in Brunswick in 1764. On August 13 of that year, he described him, in his journal, as "a little, lively man [with] a knowledge of the names of books, if not more, and much easiness of manner. He and I were very well."