Personal data
Alexander Sweder
Born November 15, 1703
Died November 02, 1768
Baron von Spaen
Colonel Spaen

Son of Alexander Bernhard Sweder (1669-1745) and Johanna van Laer (1679-?). Married (1749) to Elisabeth Agnès Jacoba de Nassau La Lecq (1724-1798), a niece of Count Nassau's.

Life with Boswell

Boswell was invited to dine with the Colonel and his family at the Hague on December 21, 1763, after having received an introduction to Von Spaen from the Countess of Nassau Beverweerd. He was warmly received, and visited and/or dined with the Baron a further couple of times during his stay in Holland.

On June 19, 1764, he stopped by to visit the Baron at his castle, Bellevue in Kleves, on one of the first days of his tour of German courts together with Lord Marischal and Madame de Froment.