Adam Glegg - Merchant at Montrose

Personal data
Date of birth (prefix)
Born 1726
in Marykirk

Died June 01, 1807
in London
Mr. Gleg

Merchant and sometime four-time provost of Montrose for a total of 22 years. Possibly the son of John Gleig (1654-1737) and Isobel ? (1683-1761). 

Adam Glegg married (1757) Anne Smith (1738-1811) with whom he had seventeen (!) children.1

Life with Boswell

Boswell wrote in his Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides that on August 21, 1773, he and Dr Johnson "met Mr Gleg, a merchant here [in Montrose]. He went with us to see the English chapel." The identifiation of "Mr. Gleg" with Adam Glegg is likely if not absolutely certain.