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Despite its name, Chateau Boswell has nothing to do with James Boswell and is not another name for Auchinleck House, James Boswell's ancestral home. 

Chateau Boswell was a Californian Napa Valley winery, founded in 1979 by Richard Thornton Boswell (1932-2014). Richard Boswell was born in California and his ancestry can be traced back to Richard Vadler Boswell (b. 1834 in Pennsylvania, d. 1891), who is not a known relation of James Boswell's.

The Chateau Boswell winery was known for its sustainable approach to winemaking, and in 2007 was the first winery to be certified Napa Green. It was located on 3468 Silverado Trail, St. Helena in California, before being destroyed on September 28, 2020, as one of the most notable casualties of the Glass Fire wildfire, which burned through the famous winemaking counties of Napa and Sonoma.