Agatha Drummond - Lady Kames

Agatha Drummond

Died 1795


Lady Kames
Agatha Blair Drummond


Daughter of James Drummond of Blair Drummond. Married (1741) to Henry Home. Mother of George Home and Jean Home.

In 1765 she inherited her ancestral estate and title of Blair Drummond from her brother George, her nephew James Drummond having died some time prior to his father's death. Drummond's son, George Home, later changed his last name to Home-Drummond.

Life with Boswell: 

Shortly before his departure for London in November 1762, Boswell travelled with Lord and Lady Kames for a great part of his harvest jaunt, through the southern counties of Scotland. He stayed with them at Kames from October 16 to October 26, 1762. He described (in his journal entry of Oct 16) Lady Kames as a woman who "was very handsome and still has a very good presence. She is a woman of good understanding and very well bred. [...] She has a great fund of humour, and a peculiar turn of strong and brilliant propriety of expression. [...] [T]ake her all in all, she is an excellent woman."