George Drummond of Blair Drummond

George Drummond

Died 1765


Son of James Drummond of Blair Drummond. Married to Frances Moray, dau of James Moray, 13th of Abercairny. His son and heir, James Drummond, apparently died sometime before himself, causing his sister Agatha Drummond, and subsequently her son, George Home, to inherit the lands and title of Blair Drummond.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met Drummond at Kames on October 16, 1762. He described him as having "a little haughtiness which renders him not very agreeable at first sight. So much for the shade of his character. He is at the same time a man of sense, very honest and very friendly when he has an attachment. He has done several generous things. He loves company and has humour, though it is sometimes a little dry".