Catherina Elisabeth Wilhelmina van Nassau-LaLecq

Catherina Elisabeth Wilhelmina van Nassau-LaLecq

Died 1777


Countess de Nassau Ouwerkerke


Daughter of Lodewijk Theodoor I van Nassau-LaLecq (1701-1748) and Josina Geertruida Crommelin (1715-1756). Sister of Lodewijk Theodoor van Nassau-LaLecq. Married (1762) to Coenraad Schuur (1734-1781).

Catherine was adopted by her uncle, Hendrik Karel, possibly in 1752.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell knew her brother well (from Utrecht), but probably only met the Countess during his stay in the Hague in December, 1763. He dined with her at Baron von Spaen's on December 21, 1763.


This identification of the Countess de Nassau Ouwerkerke is almost certainly correct, although not a hundred percent. The Nassau family was (and still is) immense.