George Home of Blair Drummond

George Home-Drummond

Born ca. 1740
Died 1819


George Home-Drummond of Blair Drummond


Son of Henry Home, Lord Kames and Agatha Drummond. Married Janet Jardine (d. 1840) in 1782. He inherited the title and estate of Blair Drummond from his mother's brother George Drummond of Blair Drummond (d. 1765). (Link)

In 1762-3 he was described by Boswell as "a good honest fellow [who] applies well to his business a a mechant". (LJ020163)

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell first met George Home at Home's father Lord Kames, where Boswell was all giddiness. (LJ020163) On January 1, 1763, however, George Home expressed how, when visiting Boswell in his Downing Street lodgings, he "was astonished to find [Boswell] settled on so prudent a plan". They met a few other times during Boswell's 1762-3 London stay as well.