Boswell societies?

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Boswell societies?

Is anyone aware of any Boswell societies that actually meet and discuss Boswell topics, something akin to the Baker Street Irregulars, or the various Wodehouse clubs?  This website is wonderful, but isn't quite the same as geeking out together on your favorite new interest! 


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'Boswell societies'. With

'Boswell societies'.

With reference to your enquiry.

The Auchinleck Boswell Society was founded in 1972, but as its name suggests it was principally an Ayrshire-based organisation, although there were members from elsewhere and I became a member in the mid '90s. In its latter years, besides the issue of occasional newsletters, its main activity was a well-attended Annual Dinner, held at Alloway, Ayr. The meal was followed by an address by a Boswellian authority. The last such event was held in 2001.

The acquisition of the internally derelict Auchinleck House by the Landmark Trust and its subsequent restoration, a process which began in 2000, led to a celebratory reception there in 2003. This was shortly followed by the closure of the ABS and the inauguration of the Boswell Society in May 2005.

This Society has a current membership of about 80, including several in the United States and currently holds five meetings per year. These are in Lichfield (March), London (May), Edinburgh (August), Bath (October) and Auchinleck House (November). The geographical spread of these lunch meetings (with a speaker) reflects the widely flung membership. We have several Boswell members, including a direct descendant of the biographer. The Society's objects, as outlined in the Constitution, are 'To foster interest and research into all aspects pertaining to the Life and Works of James Boswell, his family, and his associates'.

Membership is open to any interested person and involves a small annual subscription. A well-received volume of Transactions has already appeared and a further one is planned. If you are interested in taking up membership please contact me, the Membership Secretary, at

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Boswell Societies

The Boswell Book Festival - Auchinleck House, Ayshire - 17th - 19th May 2013 -

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Boswell Society Web Site

I mind the shop at a pretty basic web site on behalf of the Boswell Society. The address is

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Boswell Societies

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