Elizabeth Diana Bosville - Lady Macdonald of Sleat

Elizabeth Diana Bosville

Born Jul 25, 1748
Died Oct 18, 1789 at Great George Street, London


Lady Macdonald
Baroness Macdonald of Slate


Daughter of Godfrey Bosville of Gunthwaite and Diana Wentworth. Sister of William Bosville. On May 3, 1768 she married Alexander Macdonald, who had succeeded to the title of 9th Baronet Macdonald of Slate, following the death of his elder brother in 1766.

Life with Boswell: 

It is unclear when Boswell first met Elizabeth Bosville. He was introduced to some of her family, at least her brother William, in 1763. In a letter to William Temple dated May 17, 1766 he wrote that "Miss Bosville is a charming young lady. I got her to speak a good deal before I left London and found her extremely sensible. She never dances. That I should have insisited, for no man shall ever pull about my wife. She loves reading and walking, and does not tire of six months in the country. [...] I dined three or four times a week at her father's while I stayed in London." 1

He seriously considered marrying her for some time before, eventually, she married one of his acquaintances, Alexander Macdonald of Sleat.