Siegmund Carl von Thüngen - Court Marshal of Saxe-Gotha

Siegmund Carl von Thüngen

Born Aug 30, 1730 in Zeitlofs
Died Feb 19, 1800 in Wetzlar


Johann Siegmund Karl von Thüngen
Freiherr von Thüngen


A student of four years in Göttingen, he became a chamberlain in the service of Würzburg. In the 1760s he was a Court Marshal in Saxe-Gotha before in 1767 being called to the court of the Holy Roman Emperor, Joseph II, in Vienna. In 1772 he became president of the Imperical Chamber Court in Wetzlar.1

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met Thüngen, the Court Marshal at the court of Saxe-Gotha, in Gotha on October 17, 1764. Boswell found him "a sensible polite man".


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