Louis Tissot - Doctor at Utrecht

Louis Tissot

Born ca. 1704


Dr. Tissot


A doctor in Utrecht, at least 1750-1764

Life with Boswell: 

Dr. Tissot had been recommended to Boswell by David Dalrymple, and he consulted him on May 24, 1764, describing him as "a true original, a shrewd, lively little fellow of sixty". Boswell visited the Utrecht Bedlam with Tissot on May 29, on which occasion Tissot stated that "mankind were all mad and differed only in degrees". (Boswell in Holland 1763-64, p. 256)


A Susanna Cornelia Tissot van Patot was christened in Utrecht on September 16, 1736, the daughter of a Louis Tissot van Patot and Anne Marie Courcelles. The doctor's daughter and wife?