Christian Heron

Christian Heron

Born ca. 1709
Died ca. 1780


Christian Stewart


Christian Heron was probably a daughter of Patrick Heron, MP and Margaret McKie. Probably a paternal aunt of Patrick Heron (1736-1803). Married to John Stewart, son of Patrick Coltrane (1680-1717) and Elizabeth Stewart. John Stewart was killed at the battle of Prestonpans in 1745. Mother of Margaret Stewart.


Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met Christian Heron at Dumfries on October 5, 1762, describing her as "a very genteel well-bred woman who possesses the medium between forwardness and reserve that is seldom attained".

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Baptism of Christian Heron

You will find the baptism of Christina Heron, dau of Patrick Heron and Margaret Mckie in the Minnigaff Parish, Kirkcudbrightshire as 20 Dec 1708. She had a brother by the name of Patrick Heron who was b. about 1701. (This date is based on the Gravestone Inscriptions pre-1855 of the Stewarty of Kircubright, from the Scottish Gen Society, 1992 vol 6, p. 25...Most people are unaware of the two Patricks, father and son who both died in 1761. Father Patrick m. to Margaret McKie age 83 and his son d. at age 60.) I have a little bit of further information of this family if you want it.