Thomas Harrison - Captain of the Centurion

Thomas Harrison

Died Feb 01, 1768


British naval officer. Commissioned as a Lieutenant on December 3, 1747. Appointed Commander on November 1, 1756. Commissioned as a Captain of Greyhound (1757-1758), Venus (1758-1763) with which he took part in the Battle of Quiberon Bay, and the Centurion (1764-1766).1 In the 1760s (possibly since 1756?) he was Commander of the British naval squadron in the Mediterranean.

Life with Boswell: 

Harrison was lying with his ship, the Centurion, in the bay of Leghorn at the same time that Boswell was embarking for his journey to Corsica in October, 1764. Harrison gave him some advice on avoiding the Barbary corsairs, and supplied him with a "very ample and particular passport".1