Boswell Journal.

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Boswell Journal.

After reading his Biography of famous Dr. Johnson and their trip in the Hebrides, I want to read Boswell London Journal as they are call. Now is there a French edition around?

Thanks a lot,


Boswell's London Journal in French

Hi Patrick.

The London Journal was released in French as "Les papiers de Boswell: Amours à Londres 1762 - 1763" in 1952. It is probably available via the Abebooks used books search engine. A few other volumes of his journals are available as well, including "Boswell in Search of a Wife 1766-1769" translated as "Boswell veut se marier". Try searching Abebooks for "Les papiers de Boswell" and all available editions should come up.

Best wishes,

Patrick (not verified)
Thanks a lot Thomas, I just

Thanks a lot Thomas, I just found your reply now! I found what I was looking for with a preface of Mauriac, but I was not aware up to now of b search for a wife...Will look for this.

Thank you so much!


Patrick (not verified)

So Thomas found on Abe two more books! Merci beaucoup!

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