William Maxwell - 3rd Baronet of Monreith

William Maxwell

Born 1715
Died 1771


3rd Baronet of Monreith


Son of Alexander Maxwell (d. 1730), 2nd Bart of Monreith, and Jean Montgomerie (1689-1745), daughter of the 9th Earl of Eglinton. Married to Magdalene Blair of Blair (d. 1765). The couple had six children, among them Jane (1746-1811), later Duchess of Gordon, and Eglantine, Lady Wallace.

The Scottish city of Port William was founded by and named after Sir William.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell mentions him in his journal of September 24, 1762, when Sir William visited the Herons at Kirroughtrie, where Boswell was staying at the time. Boswell described Sir William as "formerly [...] a genteel, pretty-looking man. Now he looks like an overgown drover. He entertained us with many of the exploits of his youth, which however were rather a little too marvellous."