William Currie - Laird of Brydekirk

William Currie

Died 1775


Laird of Brydekirk


A writer in Edinburgh. Married to Elizabeth Hunter (d. 1788). He had at least one daughter, Mary, who married (1783) Richard Campbell, also a writer. The marriage registration lists Mary as daughter of deceased William Currie of Bridekirk, so he died at some time prior to September 6, 1783.1 A James Currie, probably William's brother, was a close friend of John Johnston.2

Life with Boswell: 

Currie acted as Boswell's guide from Annan to Springkell on October 7, 1762. Boswell described him as "a genteel, obliging young man".


Note 1: Correspondence of James Boswell and John Johnston, p. 41n3 says 1775.

Note 2: ibid.