William Augustus Fawkener

William Augustus Fawkener

Born abt. 1750
Died 1811


Son of Everard Fawkener (1684-1758) and Harriet Churchill (ca. 1726-1777).1 In 1774 he married  Georgiana Ann Poyntz (1763-1851), but the marriage soon ended in divorce, and his then former wife married Lord John Townsend in 1787. He then married Elizabeth Wright, with whom he had two daughters.

A clerk to the Privy Council, he was in 1791 sent on a secret mission to Empress Catherine II of Russia.2


Life with Boswell: 

Boswell rode with Fawkener, then a student at the Collegium Carolinum in Brunswick, from Brunswick to Wolfenbuttel on August 14, 1764. He described him as “a genteel, pretty, amiable young fellow”.


Note 1: Everard Fawkener is best known as the friend of Voltaire, at whose house the famous philosopher lived for a major part of his stay in England. He was also a silk merchant, secretary to the Duke of Cumberland, ambassador to Turkey, and postmaster general.

Note 2: Dictionary of National Biography, entry "Fawkener, Everard".