Pieter Hendrik Reynst - Captain Reynst

Pieter Hendrik Reynst

Born 1723


Captain Reynst


Married (1761) to Johanna Sara Bicker (1731-1801). He rose to the rank of Vice-Admiral in the Dutch navy.

This ID of the Captain Reynst mentioned by Boswell is based on the initial identification in Boswell in Holland 1763-64. However, it doesn't seem to be entirely certain that Pieter Reynst is indeed the Reynst who Boswell met at the Spaen's. [CG66], in a footnote to a letter from Baroness von Spaen to Boswell dated July 22, 1766, mentions a Jean Lucas Reynst (1730-92), who was also an army officer in 1764 and who later became Colonel (1774) and Major-General (1787). It is not impossible that Boswell knew them both, and that they were both friends of the Spaens.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met him at Baron von Spaen's in the Hague on December 21, 1763 - it is not certain whether they had met before, as Reynst was also a friend of Belle de Zuylen's and had some acquaintances in Utrecht society, which Boswell was, at the time, a part of. Boswell visited Reynst at The Hague around April 19, 1764.