Mary Woffington

Mary Woffington

Born 1731
Died 1811


Mary Cholmondeley


Daughter of Arthur Woffington. Sister of famous actress Margaret 'Peg' Woffington (ca. 1714-1760). Married (1746) to Robert Cholmondeley, with whom she had five children.

She developed into something of a socialite of London. It is said of her, that "people came to her salon because of her social position; they returned because of her natural wit" and that she could convene the likes of Joshua Reynolds, Edmund Burke, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Burney on few hours notice.1

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Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met Mrs. Cholmondeley at the Sheridan's on December 17 and 31, 1762. On January 8, 1763 Mrs. Gould warned Boswell against her. They probably didn't meet again for a number of years. In March 1776 they spoke together at Joshua Reynolds'.