Ludwig Christian Koch - Master of the Mint

Ludwig Christian Koch

Born 1717
Died 1792


Mint-engraver. Son of Johann Christian Koch (1680-1742), who he eventually succeeded as Master of the Mint in Gotha. Director of the Mint from 1766.1

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell visited Koch at the Mint in Gotha on October 20, 1764. Koch supplied him with new coins and good Rhenish Wine, and was described by Boswell as "one of your old stauch Germans".


Note 1: According to the Biographical Dictionary of Medallists, Coin-, Germ-, and Seal-engravers, Mint-masters etc. vol. 3 - this volume states his year of death as 1793, while The Journal of his German and Swiss Travels, 1764 states 1792.