Louisa Suzanna van Nassau - Countess Degenfeld

Louisa Suzanna van Nassau

Born 1726
Died 1803


Countess Degenfeld
Countess of Nassau


Daughter of Willem Adriaan II and Adriana Petronella van der Does (1705-1770). Married (1750) to Count Frederik Christoffel von Degenfeld-Schomburg (1721-1781). In 1767 she went to Vienna with her husband who had been appointed ambassador to the Austrian Emperor. She outlived him by 22 years, but stayed in Vienna nevertheless. According to Boswell in Holland 1763-64 "her character is freely discussed by Constand d'Hermenches and Belle de Zuylen: D'Hermenches thought her empty and affected, Belle saw better qualities in her".

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell visited the Countess, yet another of the numerous Countesses of Nassau he met while in Holland, at the Hague on December 22, 1763, and recorded a short conversation with her in his papers (publ. in Boswell in Holland 1763-64). In his memo for the next day he described the Countess as "sweet, handsome, amiable". He met her again a few days later.