John Ross Mackye - MP

John Ross Mackye

Born 1707
Died Oct 1797


Advocate. Possibly son of Alexander Mackie (b. ca. 1684, possibly spelled Mackye, McKay) and Christian Dunbarr (born ca. 1685). Married (1755) to Jane Ross of Halkhead (dsp 1777), daugher of George Ross, 13th of Hawkhead, and Elizabeth Kerr. Member of Parliament (1742-1768).1 Sometime private secretary to Lord Bute. Treasurer and Paymaster at the Office of Ordnance from May 10, 1763 to November 28, 1780. Receiver General of His Majesty's Public Office of Revenue (1780-1794). Mackye was a friend of James Boswell's father, both being Edinburgh advocates of about the same age.

  • 1. John Ross Mackye was elected an MP for Selkirk in 1742 and from 1742 until 1768 for Kirkcurdbright.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell mentions meeting Mackye a few times in his Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763 e.g.: November 25, 1762 at Lord Eglinton's, and December 5, 1762 where he had breakfast at Mackye's. While in London, Boswell got franks (free postage) from Mackye due to his position as MP. They most likely knew each other before then, and also met occasionally for the years to come (of which at least their meetings on April 16, 1775 and April 30, 1783 are documented in Boswell's journal).