John Irwin, MP - Commander-in-Chief in Ireland

John Irwin

Born 1728 in Dublin
Died May 1788 in Parma, Italy


Colonel Irwin


British army officer. Married three times, firstly (1749) to Elizabeth Henry, secondly (1753) to Anne Barry and thirdly to Caroline, with whom he had two children.

A Colonel in 1762. Sometime head of the 57th Regiment1. Member of Parliament for East Grinstead (1762-1783) Governor of Gibraltar (1765-1767), Commander-in-Chief in Ireland (1775-1782). Close friend of Lord George Germain, sometime American Secretary.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met a Colonel Irwin at the Sheridan's on December 31, 1762. Pottle (in LJ) gives his first name as John. Boswell described him as a "a genteel, well-bred, pretty man."