John Claxton

John Claxton

Died Mar 11, 1811 at Bath


Studied law at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, to which he was admitted on Nov 1, 1757. He became a lawyer at Lincoln's Inn, London, and a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.1 In the early 1800s Claxton had built Shirley House, near Croydon, Surrey, which was designed by architect John Shaw (1776-1832).2 The site is now home to the Trinity School. 

Claxton was, at some time, a close friend of William Temple.

Claxton died at Bath on March 4, 1811.3 

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell was introduced to Claxton by Temple, who knew him from Cambridge, on May 15, 1763. Apparently they took a liking to each other, and met occasionally whenever Boswell was in London for the years to come. At some point Boswell even borrowed a wig and gown from Claxton.