James Craufurd

James Craufurd

Died 1766


Son of Patrick Craufurd of Drumsoy (d. 1733) and Jane Craufurd, 2nd daughter of Archibald Craufurd, 15th of Auchenames. Younger brother of Patrick Craufurd. Father of Patrick and James Craufurd. Merchant in Rotterdam (ca. 1745-1766).

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell called on a Mr. Craufurd on June 1, 1764, presumably to order some White Port which he had previously promised to send to Abraham Gronovius.

Boswell in Holland (1951) identifies the Mr. Craufurd as Patrick Craufurd, but a letter from James Craufurd to Boswell dated May 16, 1766 (CG66, p. 28) leads me to believe that Boswell was actually referring to James, Patrick's father.