Heinrich Ernst Gotter

Heinrich Ernst Gotter

Born 1703
Died 1772


M. de Gotter


Referred to only as "M. de Gotter" by Boswell, the editors of The Journal of his German and Swiss Travels, 1764 has tentatively identified him as Henrich Ernst Gotter, who was Master of Rolls (1735-), Counsellor of Legation (1743-) and Head of the Privy Council's secretariat (1752-1772) in Gotha.

Gotter married firstly (xxxx) ??? and secondly (1762) Madeleine von Wangerheim. One of his sons were the poet Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter (1746-1797).

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell had a recommendation to see Gotter in Gotha on October 17, 1764, but Gotter was out of town at the time, and the two probably never met each other.