George William Coventry - 6th Earl of Coventry

George William Coventry

Born Apr 26, 1722
Died Sep 03, 1809


6th Earl of Coventry
Viscount Deerhurst


[img_assist|nid=619|title=6th Earl of Coventry|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=0|height=0]Son of William Coventry (d. 1750-1), 5th Earl of Coventry, and Eilzabeth Allen (d. 1738). Married (1752) to Maria Gunning (d. 1760), dau of Colonel John Gunning of Castle Coote (Roscommon, Ireland), and (1764) to Barbara St. John (d. 1804), dau of Lord St. John of Blethshoe. He had at least 5 children.

Coventry was educated at Winchester and University College, Oxford and in 1744 was elected MP for Bridport. From 1747 until 1751 he represented Worcestershire, before entering the House of Lords upon the death of his father.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell dined with Lord Coventry and his brother John Bulkeley Coventry (d. 1801), as well as Lord Thanet and a Mr. Price, at Lord Eglinton's on May 29, 1763.