George Lewis Scott - Mathematician and Commissioner of Excise

George Lewis Scott

Born May 1708 in Hanover
Died Dec 07, 1780


Mathematician. In June 1751 he married Sarah Robinson, a sister of the bluestocking leader Elizabeth Montagu (1718-1800), but the marriage was dissolved the next year.1

Sometime sub-preceptor to George III. Commissioner of Excise (1758-1780). Member of the Royal Society. He had possibly been a student of French mathematician Abraham de Moivre (1667-1754).

Scott was much respected in his own time and a close friend of poet James Thomson and historian Edward Gibbons.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell visited Scott in London on November 21, 1762. Apparently Scott was a friend of Boswell's father, Lord Auchinleck. Boswell wrote that Scott "was very kind and polite to me".



Part of the correspondence between Scott and James Burnett, Lord Monboddo was published in William Knight's Lord Monboddo and some of his contemporaries in 1900. It can usually be found for between £40 and £60 via