George Johnstone

George Johnstone

Born 1730
Died 1787


Captain Johnstone of the Navy


[img_assist|nid=92|title=George Johnstone (1730-1787)|desc=Source: "The 14th Colony--British West Florida 1763-1781" by John Appleyard and the Appleyard Agency|link=node|align=right|width=0|height=0]Son of Sir James Johnstone (1697-1772), 3rd Bart of Westerhall, Provost of Lochmaben. In 1763 Johnstone became the first British governor of British West Florida, but he was removed by King George III in 1767. MP for Cockermouth and Appleby at some time after 1767.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell was in the company of a Captain Johnstone of the Navy, son to Sir James on January 5, 1763 at Lord Eglinton's, together with Sir James Macdonald and the Lord Advocate of Scotland.