Elizabeth Crompton - Lady Marchmont

Elizabeth Crompton

Born ca. 1723
Died Feb 12, 1797


Lady Marchmont


Daughter of Windmill Crompton, a London linen-draper. Married (1748) to Hugh Hume-Campbell, 3rd Earl of Marchmont.

Sir James Balfour Paul wrote that "[a]t the time of her marriage in 1748 she was only about seventeen, and the Earl
was so infatuated with her that he proposed to her the day after seeing her for the first time in a box at the theatre. She was painted by Reynolds, and an old retainer described her as ' just the fairest creature that ever stept this earths''"

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met then Lady Marchmont at Marchmont House on October 18, 1762. He described her as "a sweet-looking agreeable woman[, who] was a citizen's daugher and brought him money."


Note 1: In "Diary of George Ridpath, Minister of Stitchel 1755-1761" (1922), p. 88