Charlotte Mary Greville - Lady Garlies

Charlotte Mary Greville

Born Jul 06, 1745 in London
Died May 31, 1763 in Edinburgh


Lady Garlies


Daughter of Francis Greville (1719-1773), 1st Earl of Warwick and 1st Earl Brooke, and Elizabeth Hamilton (d. 1800). Married (1762) to John Stewart. She may have had two sons, both of whom died in infancy.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met with her and her husband at the Earl of Galloway's on September 25, 1762, and again in London on December 19 of that year. On the first occasion he described her as "very little and very young, but [with] a sweetness and composure that is very pleasing. She has been well educated and has a turn for all little amusements that serve to fill up vacant time, such as painting flowers and cutting paper, both which she excels in."