Charles de Guiffardière

Charles de Guiffardière

Died 1810




Protestant clergyman. Sometime french reader to Queen Charlotte of England (1744-1818) and instructor in history to the royal princesses. Prebend of Ilfracombe, Salisbury Cathedral (1792-1810), Rector of Great Berkhampstead (1798-1810)1 and sometime Minister of the King's French Chapel. Author of Élémentaire d'Histoire Ancienne (1798). Fanny Burney referred to him as Mr. Turbulent, and described him as "here and there a little eccentric, but, in the main, merely good-humoured and high-spirited".2

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Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met Guiffardière Utrecht in 1763, and they corresponded occasionally during his stay there.