Andrei Shuvalov - Chamberlain to Catherine II the Great

Andrei Shuvalov

Born Jun 23, 1743
Died Apr 24, 1789


Titular chamberlain to Catherine II of Russia, and a favorite of hers since his 19th year. Son of Peter Shuvalov (1711-1762)1 and Mavra Shepeleva (1708-1759). Married (1762) to Ekaterina Saltykova (1743-1816). 

Later sources have named Shuvalov as the likely author of a great part of Catherine II's letters.

  • 1. Sometime Field Marshal and Minister of Defence of Russia. In 1760 he founded the city of Izhevsk as a private venture, which passed to the crown after the count's death just two years later.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met Shuvalov in Brunswick in 1764. On August 13 of that year, he described him, in his journal, as "a little, lively man [with] a knowledge of the names of books, if not more, and much easiness of manner. He and I were very well."