Louise von Kameke

Louise von Kameke


Louise von Brandt


Married Christian von Brandt (dsp. August 1764)1. She was, according to Boswell on the Grand Tour I, 1763-1764, "as a young woman [a correspondent of] Voltaire, and appears to have been a friend of Madame de Wreech, who is reputed have been [King Frederick II the Great's] mistress." According to the same source, she had at least two daughters, Sophie, a lady of honour to the Prussian queen, and Frederike.

  • 1. Christian von Brandt was a cousin of the Gräfin von Camas (ca. 1685-1765), who was reputedly King Frederick II's most intimate (platonic) female friend.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell waited on Louise von Brandt on August 1, 1764, having previously been presented to her at Charlottenburg. On September 13, he "went to Madame de Brandt's, where I imagined I was invited. But I had mistaken Tuesday for Thursday, and she punished me by a recital of the fine partie that she had, as it was her daughter's birthday."