George Winn - Baron Winn - Lord Headley

George Winn

Born 1725
Died 1798


Baron Winn
Lord Headley


First wife (?). Married secondly to Jane Blennerhassett in 1783, by whom he had at least one son, George.1 Sometime Baron of the Court of Exchequer. Created a baronet in 1776. Created Lord Headley, Baron Allanson and Winn of Aghadoe in 1797. Sometime MP for Ripon.

  • 1. The younger George married, in 1807, Elizabeth-Mary, daughter of Lewis Majendie of Hedingham Castle. He was elected Member of Parliament for Maldon in 1826 but died the next year. Source: The Gentleman's Magazine, December 1827, notice of the death of George, son of George Winn and Jane Blennerhassett

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met Winn at the chapel of Sir Joseph Yorke in the Hague on April 20, 1764.