William Petty - the Earl of Shelburne

William Petty

Born May 02, 1737 in Dublin
Died May 07, 1805 at Berkeley Square, London


1st Marquess of Lansdowne
The Earl of Shelburne


Son of John Fitzmaurice (1706-1761), 1st Earl of Shelburne. Married (ca. 1764) to Sophia Carteret (1745-1771), daughter of the 1st Earl Granville, with whom he had at least on child.1 Married (ca. 1779) to Louisa FitzPatrick (1755-1789), with whom he had at least two children.2

  • 1. John Henry Petty (1765-1809), who sat for almost twenty years as an MP, before he suceeded his father as Marquess of Lansdowne.
  • 2. One being Henry Petty-FitzMaurice (1780-1863), who rose to serve as Home Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer and a three-time Lord President of the Council. He succeeded his half-brother, John Henry, as Marquess of Lansdowne in 1809.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met Petty, Lord Shelburne, when he called on William Pitt on February 23, 1766 in London. Pitt was an ordinary MP at the time but he was appointed Prime Minister later that year, and included Shelburne in his government as Southern Secretary.