Biographies of the people in Boswell's life

One of the amazing things about Boswell's journals is the sheer amount of persons that he met and described. Some are still famous, some forgotten and some have never been known to the public outside of their own narrow circles. This is an evolving catalogue of those people. Until now, more than 90% of the persons encountered in Journal of my Jaunt, Boswell's London Journal and Boswell in Holland are included, and work is under way for the journal of his German and Swiss travels.
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Aarnoud Joost van der Duyn - Baron Maasdam
Abbé Joseph Victor
Abraham Gronovius - Professor of Classical Philology
Adam Craufurd of Dalleagles and Polquhairn
Adolf Heinrich von Neitschütz
Agatha Drummond - Lady Kames
Agnes Agnew
Albrecht Friedrich von Anhalt-Dessau
Alexander Agnew of Dalreagle
Alexander Boswell - Lord Auchinleck - Father of the great biographer James
Alexander Bruce - 2nd Earl of Kincardine
Alexander Burnett - 4th Laird of Kemnay
Alexander Dick - Cunningham
Alexander Donaldson
Alexander Fordyce - The Macaroni Gambler
Alexander Gordon - Lord Rockville
Alexander Macdonald - Surgeon
Alexander Montgomerie - 10th Earl of Eglinton
Alexander Stewart - 6th Earl of Galloway
Alexander Sweder - Baron von Spaen
Alexander Webster - Minister at Tolbooth Church
Alexander Wedderburn - Lord Loughborough, Earl of Rosslyn
Alexander Wood - Surgeon - Lang Sandy
Andrei Shuvalov - Chamberlain to Catherine II the Great
Andrew Crosbie of Holm
Andrew Douglas
Andrew Erskine
Andrew Lumisden
Andrew Mitchell - British Ambassador to Prussia
Andrew Pringle - Lord Alemoor
Andrew Stuart - Writer to the Signet
Anna Margaretha van Aerssen van Sommelsdijk
Anna Susanna Hasselaer - Madame Amerongen
Anna Wilhelmine, Princess of Anhalt-Dessau
Anna Williams - Dr. Johnson's Blind Companion
Anne Erskine
Anne Stow - Wife of William Johnson Temple
Antonio Rivarola - Sardinian Consul at Leghorn
Archibald Douglas
Archibald Erskine - 7th Earl of Kellie
Archibald James Edward Douglas - heir to Douglas
Archibald Maclaine
Archibald Montgomerie - 11th Earl of Eglinton
Archibald Stewart of Mitcharn - Provost of Edinburgh
Archibald Stewart of Tobago
Arend Willem de Ginkel van Reede
August, Prince of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg
Augusta Dorothea of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
Augusta Frederika - Princess of Wales
Basil Cochrane - Commissioner of Excise