Biographies of the people in Boswell's life

One of the amazing things about Boswell's journals is the sheer amount of persons that he met and described. Some are still famous, some forgotten and some have never been known to the public outside of their own narrow circles. This is an evolving catalogue of those people. Until now, more than 90% of the persons encountered in Journal of my Jaunt, Boswell's London Journal and Boswell in Holland are included, and work is under way for the journal of his German and Swiss travels.
Johann Heinrich Samuel Formey
Sally Forrester
George Frazer - Deputy-auditor of Excise
William Garioch - Physician
David Garrick - Actor-manager of Drury Lane Theatre
George Garrick
Jerome David Gaubius
Christian Fürchtegott Gellert - Professor of Poetry
Catherine Gilpin
George Goldie - Secretary of the British Linen Company
Oliver Goldsmith - Author of the Vicar of Wakefield
Lord Adam Gordon
Gilbert Gordon - Collector of Excise
John Gordon - 8th Viscount Kenmure
William Gordon - 9th Viscount Kenmure
John Gordon - 10th Viscount Kenmore
Charles Gordon
Alexander Gordon - Lord Rockville
Heinrich Ernst Gotter
Johann Christoph Gottsched
Johann Ernst Gotzkowsky
Nathaniel Gould - Colonel
Elizabeth Gould
Mungo Graham - Captain
James Grant - 8th Bart of Luss
Thomas Gray - Poet
Charlotte Mary Greville - Lady Garlies
Abraham Gronovius - Professor of Classical Philology
Johannes David Hahn - Professor of Philosophy and Natural Sciences
Jacob Hänni
James Harris - author of Hermes
Thomas Harrison - Captain of the Centurion
Catherina Elisabeth Hasselaer - Madame Geelvinck
Anna Susanna Hasselaer - Madame Amerongen
William Havard - Actor and Playwright
Mr. Hawkins - fellow of Magdalen College
Mr. Hayward - innkeeper at the Black Lion, Water Lane
Margaret Henderson - Boswell of Balmuto
George Henderson
Johan Frederik Hennert - Professor
Robert Hepburn - Advocate
Christian Heron
Patrick Heron of Heron and Kirroughtrie
Johanne Sophie Herre - Countess d'Anhalt
Prince of Hesse
Phillipine Charlotte Hohenzollern - Duchess
Jean Home - Daughter of Henry Home, Lord Kames
George Home of Blair Drummond
Henry Home - Lord Kames - author of Elements of Criticism
John Home - author of Douglas