Biographies of the people in Boswell's life

One of the amazing things about Boswell's journals is the sheer amount of persons that he met and described. Some are still famous, some forgotten and some have never been known to the public outside of their own narrow circles. This is an evolving catalogue of those people. Until now, more than 90% of the persons encountered in Journal of my Jaunt, Boswell's London Journal and Boswell in Holland are included, and work is under way for the journal of his German and Swiss travels.
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Penelope Carwardine
Peter Wesseling - Professor at Utrecht
Philip Stanhope - Son of Lord Chesterfield
Phillip Skene - General - 3rd of Pitlour
Phillipine Charlotte Hohenzollern - Duchess
Pieter Hendrik Reynst - Captain Reynst
Prince of Hesse
Ralph Carre
Ralph Cooper
Richard Shepherd - Author of Odes Descriptive and Allegorical and The Nuptials
Robert Brown - Minister at Utrecht
Robert Cholmondeley
Robert Cunninghame-Graham of Gartmore and Ardoch
Robert Darcy - 4th Earl of Holdernesse
Robert Dodsley - book seller, author and playwright
Robert Dundas - 4th Lord Arniston
Robert Hepburn - Advocate
Robert Hunter - Professor of Greek
Robert Irvine - Writer to the Signet
Robert Jephson - Captain and Playwright
Robert Levett - Dr. Johnson's resident physician
Robert Lloyd - Poet
Robert Maxwell - 7th Baronet of Orchardtoun
Robert Mylne - Architect
Robert Richardson - D.D.
Robert Scott
Robert Temple
Rudolf Ulrich van Sporken - Baron Sporck
Rufin - Innkeeper in Berlin
Ryklof Michael van Goens - Philologist
Sackville Tufton - 8th Earl of Thanet
Sally Forrester
Samuel Caldwell
Samuel Chandler - Printer
Samuel Derrick - the king of Bath
Samuel Johnson - the great cham - lexicographer
Samuel Spalding of Dullarg
Samuel Wells Thomson
Sarah Mills
Siegmund Carl von Thüngen - Court Marshal of Saxe-Gotha
Sir Joseph Yorke - Lord Dover
Thomas Alexander Erskine - 6th Earl of Kellie
Thomas Benson
Thomas Coutts - Banker
Thomas David Boswell
Thomas Davies - Actor and Bookseller
Thomas Gray - Poet
Thomas Harrison - Captain of the Centurion
Thomas Jefferys - Sword-cutter
Thomas Kennedy of Culzean - 9th Earl of Cassilis